Nwfps.org Database was firstly developed during 2014 as a result of Short Term Scientific Mission under the COST Action FP1203. It was designed to be a database of non-wood forest products of the European NWFP Network. Read more about the COST Action FP1203.

Today, nwfps.org Knowledge Repository is intended to become a starting point for research on non-wood forest products. It will contain the deliverables of finished projects with various topics on NWFPs from all over the world. Here you will find factsheets, researcher contacts and all other scientific documents you will need to develop future projects and cooperations.

The nwfps.org Knowledge Repository is currently financed by the ‘Innovation Networks of Cork, Resins and Edibles in the Mediterranean basin’ (INCREDIBLE) project developed under the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 programme, grant agreement Nº 774632.

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