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The National Institute for Agricultural and Food Research and Technology (INIA) is an autonomous Public Research Organisation (OPI) assigned to the General Research Secretariat of the Ministry of Science and Innovation. It’s the only public research organisation of the National State Administration exclusively dedicated to agrifood and forestry research.

INIA’s mission, in coordination with the equivalent institutions of the Autonomous Regions is to contribute to continuous and sustainable progress through development of environmentally friendly technologies. Its priority objectives are to satisfy the new research demands on agricultural, livestock and forestry production, mitigate the effects of global change and contribute to food safety and the fight against hunger in line with the Objectives of the Millennium.

Source: accessed on 12/03/2021.


The National Institute for Agricultural and Food Research and Technology INIA is a Public Research Organisation of the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, devoted to agrifood research and development (including technology transfer). As part of INIA, the Forest Research Centre INIA-CIFOR is one of the leading centres for forest research in Spain, integrating research groups in forest systems, their environment, dynamics and disturbances, forest breeding, Mediterranean silviculture, short-rotation forestry, characterisation and improvement of forest raw materials and Design and optimisation of transformation processes for forest products. Another relevant part of our activity is to give support and advice to State and regional government departments, sectorial associations and companies. INIA-CIFOR does also an extensive work in academic training and knowledge transfer and dissemination through its Sustainable Forest Management Research Institute iuFOR, a joint venture with University of Valladolid.


Within STARTREE project (FP7 311919) and COST FP1203 NWFPs, specialists at INIA-CIFOR have been working in improvements for modelling multipurpose trees and Non Wood Forest Products at Forest managemmt unit (TMU), regional, national and European scale. Research lines centre on stand-level optimisation for co-production of wood and NWFP (namely pine nuts and cork), and on development of methods for assessment and inventory of different NWFP at different scales. Expert models are developped for analysing the potential of the NWFP derived from the dehesa system and Mediterranean pine forests.


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The INCREDIBLE project aims to show how Non-Wood Forest Products (NWFP) can play an important role in supporting sustainable forest management and rural development, by creating networks to share and exchange knowledge and expertise. ‘Innovation Networks of Cork, Resins and Edibles in the Mediterranean basin’ (INCREDIBLE) promotes cross-sectoral collaboration and innovation to highlight the value and potential of NWFPs in the region.


Innovation Networks of Cork, Resins and Edibles in the Mediterranean basin’ (INCREDIBLE) project receives funding from the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 programme under grant agreement Nº 774632

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