National Forest School of Engineers

ENFI, Tabriquet, Salé 11000, Po Box 511

Since its creation in 1968, the National Forestry School of Engineers has participated in the training of engineers and research on the environment, botany, wildlife, forests, pastures, preservation and development of forest resources. , the fight against desertification, erosion, wetlands and nature reserves in their economic, social and ecological dimensions.

As part of the agricultural and forestry strategies, ENFI has increased the number of students per promotion to around 30-40 per year, of which 10% are foreigners.

In addition to scientific training, the military training provided grants the laureates the title of Reserve Officer.

Source: accessed on 12/03/2021 and translated using Google Translate platform.


The National Forest School of Engineers (ENFI) is the unique forest high education and research institution in Morocco. It was created in 1968 with the support of United Nation Special Fund and FAO to serve as high education institution of forest engineers in the Maghreb (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya and Mauritania). Now, ENFI has a regional and African educational and research impact. All the sub-Saharan friend’s countries send students to get their forest engineer diploma from ENFI. ENFI has a great experience in education and research in many area related to natural resources (forest management, forest inventory, wildlife, watershed management, forest economy, economic evaluation of forest goods and services, participatory and adaptive forest management, decision support system for forest management and forest management planning, forest legislation, etc). Many professors from ENFI have been served as experts in many programs of PNUD and FAO around the world. Actually, ENFI is involved in many research programs in the area of natural resources at the national and international level. It was also designated as CRESA (Centre Régional d’Enseignement Spécialisé en Agriculture / Forêt- Bois). ENFI has many relationship with many educational and research institutions around the world.



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The INCREDIBLE project aims to show how Non-Wood Forest Products (NWFP) can play an important role in supporting sustainable forest management and rural development, by creating networks to share and exchange knowledge and expertise. ‘Innovation Networks of Cork, Resins and Edibles in the Mediterranean basin’ (INCREDIBLE) promotes cross-sectoral collaboration and innovation to highlight the value and potential of NWFPs in the region.


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