IUFRO TF Unlocking the bioeconomy and non-timber forest products

Unlocking the bioeconomy and non-timber forest products

The goal of the Task Force is to investigate whether and how nontimber forest products have been integrated into global and national efforts to transition to and expand the bioeconomy, and how such efforts can be supported. To do this, the Task Force team will engage: 1) theoretically, to define and characterise the role of NTFPs in transitioning to a bioeconomy; 2) empirically, through analysis of how and to what degree NTFPs promote sustainable resource use, generate employment, and contribute to food and livelihood security and poverty alleviation, and; 3) practically, by developing monitoring approaches and identifying interventions and policies to support the integration of NTFPs into bioeconomy strategies, including in national reporting schemes.

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Coordinator RG 4.05.02
United States
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